In Serbia, thousands of protesters demand cancellation of parliamentary and local elections

In Serbia, thousands of protesters demand cancellation of parliamentary and local elections

In the Serbian capital Belgrade, thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets to demand the cancellation of the results of the parliamentary and local elections, which were won by the ruling party.

This was reported by the Balkan service of Radio Liberty.

On the evening of December 24, demonstrators took to the streets with banners and flags of Serbia and the European Union. During the demonstration, they blew whistles and shouted "thieves, thieves".

Clashes broke out between the protesters and the police, resulting in the detention of 35 demonstrators.

According to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, all those arrested will be brought to justice. Two police officers were seriously injured, and several other people were slightly injured.

Although the scenes are dramatic... Do not worry, because there is no revolution,

 the Serbian president said in his speech.  

According to him, 2,490 people took part in the rally, and there were approximately 1,195 people who tried to break through to the city council.

The opposition coalition "Serbia Against Violence", at whose call the protesters came out, in turn accused the government of violence during the dispersal of protests in the capital.

They sent their own hooligans... Vucic sent special forces against citizens protesting the stolen elections, who used brutal force,

the coalition said in a statement.

Radomir Lazović, the first deputy from Serbia Against Violence on the list, told Fonet that he was attacked by gendarmes who hit him several times from behind. The man who was with Lazović received three blows, and the girl next to him had her arm twisted.

The deputy noted that the gendarmerie did not take into account the fact that he had parliamentary immunity.

It will be recalled that on December17, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party won the early parliamentary elections in Serbia.

The opposition coalition Serbia Against Violence did not agree with the results. The leaders of the opposition coalition, Marinika Tepić and Miroslav Aleksić, went on a hunger strike. On December 19, opposition supporters began to gather on the streets of Belgrade, demanding that the election results be cancelled.

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