Tracks you might have missed: a selection from SLUКH

Tracks you might have missed: a selection from SLUКH

Every month, independent media about Ukrainian music and culture SLUKH looks for tracks that didn't make the charts and went unheard. We share a selection of songs that you might have missed.


The slow rhythm slowly changes the saxophone solo to a guitar solo. The ecstatic melody of the song Chuiu (I hear) builds up to explode into musical chaos — a real jazz rollercoaster.

Anton Shytel and Artem Litovchenko have created a complex structured music piece, Kumednyi (Funny). Listening to it, you seem to rise to a new level and get more emotions, feelings, and musical pleasure every minute.

With the transition to their native language, The Feels (formerly ZFeelZ) have become distinctive and harmonious while not abandoning their shoegaze and noise-pop influence. The new track, vse navkolo dyvno (Everything is Strange), sounds loud and confident while still fitting into the paradigm of new Ukrainian alternative bands.

An excellent indie rock with a touch of shoegaze and grunge, reminiscent of the American band DIIV, Ploshcha Ustryts (Oyster Square) plays with a similar combination of cold vocals and warm guitar riffs. The existential lyrics of the song Znayesh, Mam (You know, Mam), in which the frontman addresses his deceased mother, deserve special attention.

A track guide for a trip to a second-hand store — thanks to Kharkiv musician Ivan Ishchenko, we know how to bargain with Uncle Tolik for fashionable trousers properly. Sekond (Secondhand Shop) is a catchy and comical song with a great sound design. It made me want to drop by for some new goods.


Andrii Barmalii — autoportrack 

autoportrack makes Andrii Barmalii one of the most attractive Ukrainian performers right now. This is a very intimate album that doesn't need words when it comes to being frank. Andrii has shown himself to be a talented saxophonist and an exceptional electronic producer.

Kvitkis — Rytmoplyn  

In their new album, the pop-punk band doesn't limit themselves to genres. In Rytmoplyn (Flow of rhythm), the band can play folk-punk, hip-hop, funk and even rapcore. With each song, Kvitkis pays tribute to iconic Ukrainian musicians.

Yulia Yurina — Refleksiia 

Yuliia Yurina is now almost completely moving away from her folk influences. Her new strength and artistry are now in her ability to convey complex life stories through songs, to turn them into something magnetic and dynamic — which is what this album Refleksiia  (Reflection) is.

Palindrom — Nailipshi Pytannia Sobi  

Each song from Stepan Burban's new work is like a creative act of painful self-reflection. Nailipshi Pytannia Sobi (The Best Questions to Ask Yourself) allows us to observe the complex search for Palindrom's inner idyll. Not every artist is capable of such uncomfortable frankness.

Klavdiia Petrivna — Berezhy Mene (EP) 

TikTok has presented us with another unique and original artist. The musician's tracks Berezhy Mene (Take Care of Me) and Ya Shchaslyva (I'm Happy) have gained popularity on the social network since the beginning of this summer. Klavdiia Petrivna has released an EP, which includes two more songs in addition to the hits mentioned above.


Latexfauna — Masandra  

Don't watch this video at work, in public transport, in front of your parents, children or grandmother — Latexfauna have cranked up their sexiness to the max and made a video where vocalist Dmytro Zeziulin... licks honey straight from the hive. I wonder if there will be a separate release on Pornhub.

Sasha Boole — Trymaiem Posadku 

In the song Trymaiem Posadku (Defending Greenery along the Road), written in between his service in the Armed Forces, Sasha Boole manages to talk about his military routine, make a reference to dog Patron, and address those who avoid military service. It is a light, ironic and bold composition — we are glad that Sasha doesn't give up music and are grateful for his service.

OTOY — Kyshenia z Otvorom 

 OTOY continues to experiment with R&B sound, supporting this year's album Nedovhodtryvali Vidnosyny (Short-Term Relationships) with the track Kyshenia z Otvorom (Pocket with Opening) — the performer says that it's about finding your self amid routine.

U2U — Pohliad i Dotorky

The indie duo of Anastasiia Bondarenko and Zakhar Hryhorchuk released an incredibly light song and video for it. The gentle vocals and excellent arrangement create the atmosphere of walking with a loved one on a warm autumn day. The composition Pohliad i Dotorky (Look and Touches) instantly melts your heart. 

Si Process — Rukh  

Stanislav Ivashchenko's heavy rhythmic track reminds us that movement is the basis of life. The music video of Rukh (Move) is made of a montage of footage of the musician's fans jogging.