The UK imposes new sanctions against Russia

The UK imposes new sanctions against Russia

The Government of the United Kingdom has introduced new economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.

This is stated on the government website.

Top executives of the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, heads of two of the largest Russian defense companies, four banks, including MTS Bank, and other representatives of the Russian elite have been sanctioned.

The new restrictions also target individuals and legal entities of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, including:

▪️34 executives linked to Russia's two largest defense companies, Rostec, Russia's multibillion-dollar state-owned defense conglomerate, and Almaz-Antey Corporation, a state-owned Russian company specializing in the production of surface-to-air missiles and aircraft firearms.

▪️ 6 Russian organizations engaged in the production or repair of military equipment for the Russian Armed Forces, including aviation and navy.

▪️20 executives of Gazprom and Aeroflot, including Gazprom chairman and former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov and two current Russian ministers.

Five managers of the Iranian company Qods Aviation Industry, which produces drones, were also sanctioned.

The UK will also ban the import of 140 goods, including iron and steel products processed in third countries.

In addition, new restrictions apply to Vladimir Putin's inner circle.

In particular, the UK government introduced personal sanctions against the CEO of Nord Stream-2, Matthias Warnig, the son of the former Deputy Prime Minister and Putin associate Dmitry Kozak, Alexei Kozak, the former chief security guard of Putin, who played a key role in the annexation of Crimea, Alexei Dyumin, as well as against the mother of Alina Kabaeva, State Duma deputy.