"Kyiv stands strong, proud and free", — Biden

"Kyiv stands strong, proud and free", — Biden

During his speech in Poland, U.S. President Joe Biden expressed support for Ukrainians and emphasised that "the Ukrainian people are brave and unbreakable, and Ukrainian democracy is too strong." 

"Putin thought he would destroy NATO, but NATO is stronger than ever. Putin thought he could use gas as a weapon. But we have freed ourselves from energy dependence," the politician said. 

He also emphasised that the task of the allies is to stop the aggression and win peace for Ukraine. During the speech, Biden announced a new package of sanctions against Russia. "We need Russia to pay the price. So there will be new sanctions this week. All those responsible for the war will be punished for their crimes," the president emphasised. 

The US leader mentioned that more than 50 countries are providing military assistance to Ukraine to counter the Russian invasion. 

"There is no longer any doubt about our coalition. NATO will not be divided, we will not get tired of the war, and we will support Ukraine. The democratic countries of the world stand together. Freedom is on the agenda. Free people will not agree to live in captivity," Joe Biden said. 

In addition, he mentioned that in 2024, the NATO leaders' summit would be held in the United States, and the countries will celebrate 75 years of the Alliance's existence.