>Russia illegally detains 182 Kremlin prisoners

>Russia illegally detains 182 Kremlin prisoners

According to the Mission of the President of Ukraine in ARC, this is the number of Ukrainian citizens illegally detained by Russians in occupied Crimea or taken to Russia. Thirty-seven are under arrest, 125 are imprisoned, 18 have no procedural status, and two have been released but are still in a temporary detention centre for foreign nationals. About 60% of the illegally detained are Crimean Tatars.

Russians also illegally arrest Ukrainians in other occupied regions. However, there is less public information about their fates, as Russia denies the facts of these illegal arrests.

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, claims the number of abducted civilians could be as high as 20,000.

The Media Initiative for Human Rights has identified about 100 places where abducted civilians are being held.

On April 14, the Russian forces detained two Qırımtatarlar on falsified charges of supposedly being members of the Noman Çelebicihan Crimean Tatar Batalyonı.

According to Russian propaganda sources, the Federal Security Service has not disclosed their identities. 

It is known they are men born in 1996 and 1999.

The propagandists claim the detainees allegedly joined the battalion in 2017. Russian forces opened a criminal case against them for allegedly "participating in an armed formation not provided for by federal law".

The occupation forces demanded that the Qırımtatarlar related to the battalion submit applications to withdraw from it. They interpret the absence of such a statement as continued membership and threaten criminal prosecution.

On April 17, the Kremlin prisoner Arsen Dzhepparov was released after seven years of illegal detention

The Russian forces arrested Dzhepparov in 2016 after he refused to collaborate with the special occupation services.

The informal human rights organisation Crimean Solidarity reports about Dzhepparov’s release.

Russians falsified accusations of supposedly his being a member of a terroristic organisation and preparation for seizing power. As a result, the Russian court sentenced him to seven years in prison and one year of restricted liberty upon release. During his imprisonment, his health worsened significantly. 

The prisoner spent the last six months of his illegal detention in a punishment cell. After his release from the colony in Bashkortostan, he and his lawyer went to the occupied Crimea.

The occupation court in Simferopol delivered an illegal verdict against a Crimean Tatar on falsified charges of membership in the Noman Çelebicihan Crimean Tatar Batalyonı

According to Russian propaganda sources, he received a nine-year illegal detention term. 

The court made a decision in absentia. Therefore, the occupation forces do not know the whereabouts of the Crimean Tatar. 

The identity of this person is not disclosed. However, the propagandists claim that the man used to live in Kezlev and left the occupied peninsula in 2016. 

According to the occupation court register, the last time the so-called 'Kyiv District Court' of Simferopol issued an illegal verdict on such charges was on April 6 against Ilman Khalilov, who used to live in Kezlev.

On April 18, the "court" of the illegal armed group "LPR" passed an unlawful sentence against a prisoner of war — 14 years in prison

Russian security forces have falsified charges of attempted murder against a war prisoner Volodymyr Mamchuk from the 57th Separate Motorised Infantry Brigade for trying to kill civilians in the occupied territory. 

Russian security forces report the man allegedly conducted aerial reconnaissance and passed the coordinates of a residential building in occupied Pervomaisk to an artillery unit. After that, the house was reportedly hit. 

The security forces published a video showing Mamchuk defaming himself by reading the "testimony" prepared against him.

A coalition of human rights organisations demands the release of illegally detained Ukrainian citizen Lenie Umerova in Russia

Human rights activists call on Ukraine to impose sanctions on those involved in her detention. In addition, human rights organisations are asking all members of the Crimean Platform to demand that Russia release Lenie.

The Crimean Human Rights Group published the collective statement on its website. 

In December 2022, Umerova left Kyiv for the occupied Crimea as her father's health deteriorated. He lives on the occupied peninsula. 

She crossed the Russian-Georgian border, after which she was illegally detained.

She was held in the Centre for the Temporary Detention of Foreign Citizens until March 16. After that, unknown persons abducted her and took her to Vladikavkaz. There, the Russian police detained her. The court initially arrested her for 15 days. Then, they did it two more times.

In a comment to the online media Svidomi, her brother Aziz said Lenie had filed an appeal against the latest court decision. This arrest was legitimised because, on April 9, the Crimean Tatar woman allegedly disobeyed Russian security forces. Lenie denies this. On April 18, the Supreme Court of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania rejected the appeal.