Editorial policy


Svidomi is an independent media that is financially supported by readers and donors, as well as advertising materials.

Statement for an editorial position

The editors reserve the right to express a position regarding illegal persecutions and arrests, referring to the legislation of Ukraine and human rights, as well as regarding the actions of media persons that contradict journalistic standards and the code of ethics.

Freedom of speech

The editors of Svidomi adhere to the standard of balance of opinions, but do not cover ideas that contradict the Law of Ukraine and may be a threat to sovereignty.

Working with sources

The editors maintain anonymity only in the case of covering a private person, if he or she may be in danger in case the data is made public (for example, the person is in a temporarily occupied territory). In other cases, our sources of information are public.

Editorial values

The team creates materials that promote the values ​​of our media, namely: democracy, human rights, rights of indigenous peoples of Ukraine, sovereignty of Ukraine, institution of reputation, equality, rule of law, freedom.

Dealing with errors

The editors are responsible for the content they create. We correct any errors we notice and report them to our readers.

Accuracy and credibility are more important than sensationalism

The media prioritizes the reliability of the information it provides. Sensationalism is not a priority in our materials.


All commercial content is marked as collaboration.