About "Svidomi"

Svidomi is a Ukrainian online media outlet that explores meanings by going deeper into important socio-political, historical and cultural topics through analytical materials, reports and interviews.

Features of the work

Svidomi is a slow media outlet that focuses on long reads. We try to provide the reader with the most complete picture of events.

Our goal

We aim to draw the reader's attention to important topics such as war, Crimea, culture, civil society, decolonisation, etc., by researching and covering complex and important topics for Ukraine and the world.

Photo: Anastasiia Bakulina
Anastasiia Bakulina
СEO, editor-in-chief
Photo: Anastasiia Kerpan
Anastasiia Kerpan
Photo: Anastasiia Kondrat
Anastasiia Kondrat
Photo: Anastasiia Saliuk
Anastasiia Saliuk
Issue editor
Photo: Andriana Velianyk
Andriana Velianyk
Photo: Bohdana Makarchuk
Bohdana Makarchuk
Head of designer department
Photo: Kateryna Kruhova
Kateryna Kruhova
Head of issue editors department
Photo: Kateryna Vovk
Kateryna Vovk
Photo: Mariia Patoka
Mariia Patoka
Photo: Marta Dyka
Marta Dyka
Issue editor
Photo: Oleksandra Sobol
Oleksandra Sobol
Photo: Olha Kruhlii
Olha Kruhlii
Podcast producer
Photo: Orest Pidlisetskyi
Orest Pidlisetskyi
Community manager
Photo: Oryna Smyrnova
Oryna Smyrnova
Photo: Taisiia Blinova
Taisiia Blinova
Photo: Vira Buriak
Vira Buriak