Svidomi Community

"Svidomi" is

an independent Ukrainian online media founded in 2018 by Anastasiia Bakulina.

The purpose of our media

is to increase the youth's interest in important topics, such as the war, Crimea, culture, civil society, etc., by means of unbiased and convenient spread of information about news in Ukraine and the world.

Our goal

is to collect at least $11 000 every month in order to

  • ensure the payment of salaries to the entire editorial staff of the media, to thank authors, photographers, and designers with remunerations;
  • allocate part of the funds to logistics and technical expenses;
  • develop our media;
  • grow the Svidomi community.

Each of your donations is a contribution to socially active, caring, and responsible youth, who is the key to Ukraine's development and its future.

Our goal for the month
Already collected Our goal
2259 $ 11000 $
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Access to our Svidomi community chat
  • You will get access to a community of like-minded people, where we share the latest news, communicate, exchange engrossive content, share our ideas and suggestions
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  • At the end of each month, you will receive a newsletter about the latest editorial events, recommendations from our friends and a digest of the most important materials.
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Early access to our materials
  • Becoming patrons of the "Svidomi" level and above, you will have the opportunity to be the first to read our interviews, analytics and special projects.
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Opportunity to offer your topics for our materials
  • If you have a request for specific topics for our analysts or special projects, you can share ideas in our Svidomi chat.
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Our SuperSvidomi merch
  • Everyone who becomes a patron of the "SuperSvidomi" level will receive a shopper, a t-shirt or a hoodie of their choice.

Thanks to your support, we will be able to grow professionally and create even more unique and interesting content for you!


Have questions? Write a letter to the community's e-mail box and we will help you!

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