Ukraine offers Poland a 'Plan of Mutual Understanding' to unblock the border

Ukraine offers Poland a 'Plan of Mutual Understanding' to unblock the border

Krakovets, Ukraine (Svidomi) — A group of Ukrainian ministers has arrived at the Krakovets border crossing point with Poland, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. 

Shmyhal said the government wanted to talk to Polish officials, but the meeting did not take place. 

He noted that Ukraine has not sold its grain to the Polish market for five months. Ukrainian agricultural products are only in transit through Poland.

"The blockade is affecting all Polish-Ukrainian trade. Not only Ukraine loses from it, but Polish entrepreneurs who export $12 billion worth of goods to our market every year lose from it," the Ukrainian prime minister said

He also published a so-called "Plan of Mutual Understanding" consisting of five points: 

1. Protective mechanisms proposed by the European Commission for exports. Restrictions on poultry, eggs, sugar, and grain.

2. Immediate screening of agricultural products. At the same time, liberalisation of trade with the EU. The union, not individual countries, make decisions.

3. A joint statement to the European Commission calling for a ban on Russian agricultural exports to the EU.

4. Establishment of a "trilateral headquarters", which will include the agriculture ministers of Ukraine and Poland, as well as a representative of the European Commission.

5. Ending the blockade, which has gone beyond blocking grain.

"Today, this blockade threatens Ukraine's national security. The issue of blocking the border must be resolved much earlier than March 28, when a joint meeting of the governments of Ukraine and Poland is to take place. Otherwise, Ukraine reserves the right to apply mirror measures at the checkpoints," Denys Shmyhal said in a statement.

It will be recalled that on February 23, on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where protests by Polish farmers continue, unknown persons scattered Ukrainian rapeseed that was heading to Germany. It was the third case of damage to Ukrainian agricultural products at the border with Poland.