~Russia illegally detains 25,000 Kremlin prisoners

~Russia illegally detains 25,000 Kremlin prisoners

According to the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, this is the number of civilians abducted by the Russian Federation.

The ZMINA Human Rights Centre has found that at least 21 prisoners require urgent medical care and may die unless they receive it. 

During the full-scale invasion, the National Police began investigating the enforced disappearance of 8,800 people. Russian Children's Ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova claims Russia has illegally abducted over 700,000 children from Ukraine.

The Media Initiative for Human Rights has identified about one hundred places where abducted civilians are held.

The Mission of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Qırım) confirms 189 illegally imprisoned Ukrainian citizens, 123 of whom are Qırımtatarlar.

During the full-scale war, 2,576 Ukrainian citizens were returned to Ukraine, including 144 civilians.

Russians transfer Hennadii Lymeshko to solitary confinement in Stavropol penal colony in Russia

Hennadii Lymeshko, illegally convicted in the temporarily occupied Crimea (Qirim), was transferred to solitary confinement in the penal colony No. 6 in the Stavropol Territory, Russia.

The Association of Relatives of Political Prisoners of the Kremlin reports.

Before that, he was held in a punishment cell for ten days. 

The last time Hennadii called me was two weeks ago to inform me that he was being transferred to solitary confinement. When asked why he should be in solitary confinement, he was told: 'You will find out when you get there',

the political prisoner's wife, Iryna, told the Association.

Lymeshko's sentence expires in 2025. His family worries about their husband's return from the Russian Federation after serving his full sentence, as his passport has expired.

In 2017, Russian special services accused Lymeshko of planning to blow up power lines and utilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea. In 2018, the court sentenced the man to eight years in prison.

Kremlin's prisoner Lenur Seidametov needs urgent medical assistance

Lenur Seidametov, illegally convicted in the temporarily occupied Simferopol (Aqmescit), was diagnosed with a Baker's cyst in his knee joint. In addition, he needs surgery on his lower spine.

He informed his wife, Adzhyra Seidametova, about this, Crimean Solidarity reports

The prisoner was taken to the colony's hospital in the Lipetsk region on November 2. Seidametov waited a month and a half before he was admitted. At the hospital, the prisoner underwent tests and a CT scan. The surgeon confirmed the need for surgery.

Due to the cysts in his knee joint, he cannot sit or lie down for a long time. Lenur Seidametov also complains of hearing loss in one ear.

The prisoner was detained in the temporarily occupied Crimea (Qirim) on February 17, 2022. At that time, Russian special services also detained Timur Yalkabov, Azamat Eiupov, Yashar Shykhametov, Ernest Ibrahimov and Oleh Fedorov. On March 22, the Southern District Court sentenced Seidametov to 13 years in a strict regime colony.

He was accused of involvement in the Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation, banned in Russia.

Political prisoner of the Kremlin Iryna Danylovych suffered a stroke in the pre-trial detention centre of the temporarily occupied Simferopol (Aqmescit)

Crimean journalist Iryna Danylovych suffered a stroke in the pre-trial detention centre of the temporarily occupied Simferopol.

ZMINA reports.

Iryna Danylovych, while still in the Simferopol detention centre, suffered one or more strokes. Now, she has been transferred to Russia, where, with the help of pressure from human rights activists, they managed to conduct at least some tests for her. And an MRI scan confirmed that she had suffered a stroke,

said ZMINA project manager Viktoriia Nesterenko.

It will be recalled that in prison, Danylovych lost hearing in her left ear. The civil activist was detained in April 2022. She was accused of allegedly possessing explosives. In December, she was sentenced to seven years in prison.

The Court of Appeal reduced Ernest Seitosmanov's sentence by six months and sentenced him to 17.5 years

The prisoner will spend the first three years in prison.

The man's lawyer, Oleksii Ladin, stated this, Crimean Solidarity reports.

The sentence was changed by reclassifying the article from "organising activities" to " involvement" in the Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation, which is banned in Russia".

Three years ago, the Southern District Military Court sentenced Enver Seitosmanov, the brother of the Kremlin prisoner, to 17 years in a maximum security colony.

Ernest Seitosmanov was detained in May 2022. Before that, he had attended the trials of Crimean Tatars in the temporarily occupied Crimea (Qirim) and Rostov-on-Don and had helped the families of political prisoners with social and domestic issues.

Court in Russia sentences four Ukrainian prisoners of war

These are Oleksii Koval, Andrii Chumak and Valerii Fedorovych, who were sentenced to 26 years in prison, and Ihor Kleshchunov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reports.

All the servicemen were accused of allegedly killing civilians in the temporarily occupied Mariupol. 

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Oleksii Koval went missing in the temporarily occupied Mariupol on 14 June 2022, and Andrii Chumak went missing on 20 April.

Ihor Kleshchunov was reported missing in Berdiansk in March 2022.

It will be recalled that the Russian court unlawfully sentenced Ukrainian prisoners of war Oleh Kolmychevskyi, Dmytro Dobrovolskyi and Oleksandr Romashyn.

Russians transferred prisoner Maksym Butkevych to an unknown location

His father, Oleksandr Butkevych, told this in a comment to ZMINA.

Lawyer Leonid Soloviov did not receive any response to his inquiries about Maksym's whereabouts... The letters and the parcel sent by his friends were returned to them with the mark 'Correspondence is not allowed',

the prisoner's father said.

The prisoner's lawyer plans to file a cassation appeal against these violations.

It will be recalled that Maksym Butkevych is a human rights activist who joined the Armed Forces at the beginning of the full-scale war. In June 2022, he was taken prisoner by Russia. In March 2023, he was 'sentenced' to 13 years in prison on trumped-up charges of allegedly violating the rules of war.