31 thousand Ukrainian soldiers died in this war — Zelenskyy during a press conference on the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion

31 thousand Ukrainian soldiers died in this war — Zelenskyy during a press conference on the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion

At the same time, Zelenskyy did not mention the number of injured and missing soldiers. 

The exact number of civilians killed will be known when Ukraine de-occupies its territories. 

According to him, 188,000 Russian soldiers have been killed. Their losses number up to about 500,000, together with injured.

The situation at the front and the prospects for an offensive

The Russian pressure in the Kharkiv direction is intense. But it has always been that way.  

The Russian advantage in artillery is declining, but it is still significant. In late 2023, the intensity of artillery used by Russians was approximately 1 to 12. Now, it has decreased to 1 to 6. If the difference is not reduced, Ukraine will lose territories. If the ratio of weapons between Ukraine and Russia is that high, then the Armed Forces will be able to show results. 

Some brigades that were supposed to participate in the autumn counter-offensive did not receive the promised weapons. 

"We had a 'fist' for the counter-offensive. So far, four brigades remain unsupplied with equipment. Four brigades are without the equipment that we had agreed on, signed, shook hands on… It hasn't arrived," Zelenskyy said. 

Ukraine has a clear offensive plan but will not disclose its details. 

"This plan is connected with the change of leadership. There will be several plans due to the information leaks," said Zelenskyy. 

There have already been cases where plans for a Ukrainian counter-offensive last autumn appeared on the Kremlin's desk before the counter-offensive even began. 

Lack of US assistance and invitation to NATO 

Ukraine needs support from the US within a month. Both the president and Congress are aware of what Ukraine needs. In particular, it is about air defence systems. 

At the same time, there has been positive feedback on Ukraine's request for long-range weapons.  

Ukraine expects to receive an invitation to join the Alliance during the summit in Washington. Zelenskyy sees no risks in inviting Ukraine to join NATO. This decision depends on the allies, particularly the United States. 

Ukraine does not negotiate with partners about their participation in the war while working on security assurances. The best security guarantee for Ukraine is NATO membership.  

Implementation of the Peace Formula and the process of returning political prisoners

The Peace Formula Summit will be held in Switzerland this spring. The main aspects of the formula will be presented to the participating countries. Then, the countries will work on these issues and prepare the relevant documents. After that, another summit will take place. The results will be handed over to the Russian side, but it is not known how it will react.  

The President said that he would not want initiatives that would not meet the interests of a "country at war" to appear after the elections in different countries (in 2024, more than 70 elections will be held around the world, including the United States — ed.). 

Currently, Ukraine is cooperating with Türkiye, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia to release Ukrainian political prisoners who are detained in Russia.

Blocking the border with Poland 

The President believes that Poland has an "internal struggle". He says that it is unfair to use Ukraine as a tool to put pressure on European institutions. 

"It is important for us to maintain the alliance with Poland. We will defend our business if no measures are taken," he said. 

Russian disinformation 

Russia works with Western journalists to spread Russian narratives about Ukraine. One of the main messages is that Zelenskyy will allegedly lose his legitimacy in May this year without re-election. The Russian side pays money to spread such messages. The intelligence services of partner countries confirm this.  

Reduction of the state vertical 

If the budget deficit persists, the vertical government will be reduced. In particular, it is about optimising the work of the Cabinet of Ministers. 

Change of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces 

Zelenskyy answered a Japanese journalist's question about the lack of explanation for the dismissal of Valerii Zaluzhnyi:

"The fact that I am changing someone is our "internal moments"

Surveillance of Bihus.Info journalists

The President says that SSU Head Maliuk announced the disbandment of the Department for the Protection of National Statehood. This department was involved in the surveillance of Bihus.Info journalists. 

The answer to the question of who ordered the surveillance must be given by law enforcement. 

Prospects for 2024

Russia will be preparing counter-offensive actions in late May and early June. The US presidential election will be a turning point. 

"It will be difficult for us in the coming months," 

the President said.