>300 Kremlin prisoners

>300 Kremlin prisoners

Kremlin prisoner Andrii Bilozerov started to lose consciousness due to hunger

He told about this in the comments of the "Crimea. Realities" project.

This is the third case against Bilozerov. In late December, the so-called "court" of temporarily occupied Simferopol sentenced Bilozerov to two months of house arrest for his post on VKontakte. The man wrote that the Russian military has been killing Ukrainian civilians for 8 years of the Russian-Ukrainian war and continues to do so now.

The man's neighbors and friends left Simferopol for the Christmas and New Year period. He is forbidden to leave the apartment, so Bilozerov cannot buy food. If the man gets worse, he will call an ambulance.

Kremlin prisoner Ruslan Abdurakhmanov asked the Ukrainian authorities to exchange him

He handed over the letter about this to the Crimean Human Rights Group.

On April 18, Russians kidnapped Abdurakhmanov from temporarily occupied Azovske in the Kherson region. Then he was illegally taken to Simferopol, where he is still being held.

Russian security forces tortured the man and forced him to defame himself under the threat of death. In September, the "court" in the temporarily occupied Crimea used this "evidence" to sentence Abdurakhmanov to 5 years in prison.

Now the Russians plan to take the Crimean Tatar to Russia and keep him in a corrective labor colony there. To prevent this, Abdurakhmanov appealed to the Ukrainian authorities with a request for an exchange.

On January 10, the Russian court in Rostov-on-Don extended the term of illegal detention of four Crimean Tatars in a pre-trial detention center

"Crimean Solidarity" reports this.

The Southern District Military Court of the Russian Federation passed such a decision in the case of the so-called "second Sevastopol group" of Hizb-ut Tahrir.

Rustem Murasov, Rustem Tairov, Dzhebbar Bekirov, and Zavur Abdulaiev will spend another three months in the detention center.

In addition, Rustem Murasov demanded the return of 140,000 rubles that had been stolen by Russian security forces earlier. This money was collected by the community where Murasov lived. In the summer of 2021, there were floods in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Due to this, Murasov's house was flooded. The Crimean Tatar was supposed to use this money for repairs.

However, he did not have time because on August 17, 2021, Russian law enforcement officers came with searches to him, Tairov, Bekirov, and Abdulaiev. Since then, they have been illegally detained.

On January 10, the court in Rostov-on-Don once again extended the "measures of restraint" of three Crimean Muslims

"Crimean Solidarity" reports this.

Oleksandr Sizikov, a person with a disability, remains under house arrest. He cannot see and get acquainted with the case materials because the Russians refuse to print them in Braille.

In addition to Sizikov, in the case of the so-called "fourth Bağçasaray group", the Russians are persecuting Crimean Tatars Alim Sufianov and Seiran Khairedinov. The "court" extended the term of their illegal detention in the pre-trial detention center.

Lawyer Lilia Hemedzhi demanded that the "court" not consider the inadmissible evidence — the audio recorded by wiretapping of Sizikov, Sufianov, and Khayredinov. The Russians, however, ignored this statement.

The Russians brought "charges" against Anti-terrorist Operation veteran Oleksandr Zarivnyi who was kidnapped from the Kherson region

Crimean Human Rights Group reported this.

In March, he was kidnapped from the temporarily occupied Oleshky, kept in Kherson for four weeks, and then taken to Simferopol.

In January, the Russians brought "charges" of "espionage." He was appointed "lawyer" Aleksandr Palyansky, who had previously participated in the legalization of testimonies obtained under torture.

During the full-scale invasion, Zarivnyi did not take part in hostilities. Instead, the man joined public patrols to counter looters. Considering this, Zarivnyi is not a combatant and, therefore, not a prisoner of war.

The man headed the district's veterans' union. In 2015, he took part in the Russian-Ukrainian war as part of the 36th separate marine brigade.

On January 11, a Russian court sentenced four Crimean Tatars to 13 years in prison

"Crimean Solidarity" reported this.

The Russians issued such a "sentence" in the case of five Muslims who are being prosecuted in the case of the so-called "second Simferopol group" of Hizb ut-Tahrir: Alim Karimov, Seyran Murtaze, Erfan Osmanov, Dzhemil Gafarov, and Servet Gaziev.

They are accused of being members of a terrorist organization and preparing for a violent seizure of power, although the five had no such goal and no means to achieve it.

Dzhemil Gafarov turned 60 years old, and Servet Gaziev turned 62 in the pre-trial detention center. Even before the abduction, both had health problems, which worsened due to the lack of medical care during illegal detention. Gaziev suffered a mini-stroke, but doctors ignored it. Now he has a deformed part of his face and a speech impediment.