~ 20, 000 Kremlin prisoners illegally detained by Russia

~ 20, 000 Kremlin prisoners illegally detained by Russia

According to the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, this is the number of civilians abducted by the Russian Federation. This estimate is based on the number of appeals from relatives of abductees received by the Commissioner.

The Media Initiative for Human Rights has identified about one hundred places where abducted civilians are held.

The Mission of the President of Ukraine in ARC confirms 182 illegally imprisoned Ukrainian citizens, 60% of whom are Qırımtatarlar.

Russian special forces have already sent prisoner Ivan Yatskin to a punishment cell four times, despite his health condition

The Russians often punish Yatskin by putting him in a punishment cell, where he cannot sit. He is forced to stand almost constantly, regardless of the trophic ulcers on his feet and their frostbite — the Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets. 

As a reminder, in 2019, Russians in the temporarily occupied Crimea illegally detained a Ukrainian citizen and took him to Moscow. In 2021, the occupation court delivered a "verdict" in Yatskin's "high treason" case - 11 years in prison. 

In the colony, the Russians do not provide the prisoner with medical care. For example, in 2021, his chronic thrombophlebitis disease was exacerbated. Yatskin asked for painkillers, but the colony administration refused.

Earlier, the prisoner complained of blurred vision and headaches. However, during his stay, Yatskin was repeatedly sent to the punishment cell, where he was kept under the most severe conditions, including being prohibited from sitting.

On June 9, security forces in the temporarily occupied Crimea abducted a Qırımlı, took him to an unknown location and tortured him for a day. 

On June 10, the "court" placed him under administrative arrest.

This was reported to Crimean Solidarity by the abductee's lawyer Safiie Shabanova.

First, on June 9, his car was stopped by the occupation patrol service. However, a vehicle with masked security forces arrived at the location. They took Mensitov to an unknown basement, tortured him there, and handed him over to the security forces from the 'centre for countering extremism' the next day.

On June 10, the occupation court arrested the Qirimli for 15 days on trumped-up charges of alleged disobedience to the occupation police. Only the next day, his relatives found Mensitov in one of the departments.

Russian security forces had already put pressure on Mensitov before: in 2021, they came to his house with a search warrant.

The Crimean human rights initiative Qırım Gayesi is forced to cease its activities

Qırım Gayesi will no longer cover human rights violations in the temporarily occupied Crimea due to blackmail by Russian security forces. 

The initiative announced this on its Facebook page. The page has now been deleted. 

To recap, Russian security forces suspect Qitimli human rights activist Abdureshyt Dzhepparov of administering the Qırım Gayesi Facebook page. 

When this became known, the initiative stated that Dzhepparov was not involved in the page. The human rights activist was held under administrative arrest from April 25 to May 7. During this time, five publications appeared on the Qırım Gayesi page, which Dzhepparov could not have written without the Internet in the special detention centre.

At the same time, the human rights initiative believes that the security forces want to use the reputable human rights activist as a hostage to force the initiative to stop its activities. On the eve of the start of the trial against Dzhepparov, Qırım Gayesi decided to suspend its actions to protect the human rights defender.

On June 14, the released prisoner of the Kremlin, Artem Zakhtei, arrived in Ukraine from the Russian Federation

After seven years of captivity, he managed to get to Ukraine. For that, he had to cross the Russian-Latvian border.

His wife, Oksana, reported this to the Association of Relatives of Political Prisoners of the Kremlin.

Previously, Zakhtei lived in the temporarily occupied Kezlev. In the summer of 2016, the Russians kidnapped him and accused him of allegedly planning to transport "Ukrainian saboteurs" across the peninsula. Russian security forces tortured the illegally detained the man and forced him to defame himself. At the same time, he did not incriminate other people.

He served 6.5 years in prison, after which, in February 2023, the Russians sent him, as a citizen of Ukraine, to a temporary detention centre for foreigners in the Rostov region. Returning to Ukraine quickly took a lot of work because his documents had expired. 

Latvia promised to let the man through anyway. Therefore, Russian security forces took him out of the temporary detention centre in the Rostov region and brought him to the border with Latvia, which he crossed on June 13. The following day he arrived in Ukraine and met with his family.

 On June 10, Kremlin prisoner Bohdan Ziza began a hunger strike demanding to revoke his illegally issued Russian citizenship

Ziza, a resident of the temporarily occupied Qirim and a prisoner of war, wants to renounce his Russian citizenship, which he will try to achieve by going on a hunger strike in prison. 

The hunger strike was announced by his sister Oleksandra. 

As a result, Russian security forces transferred Ziza to a punishment cell, where he is kept in almost complete isolation.

Ziza announced his decision to go on hunger strike after the court verdict in the trumped-up case against him. 

As reported, on June 6, a Russian court sentenced him to 15 years in prison on charges of 'terrorism'. 

Ziza is a Qirim artist who poured yellow and blue paint on the building of the temporary occupation administration in Kezlev on May 16, 2022. The next day, he was detained by Russian security forces. After that, Ziza was beaten and forced to record five "apology" videos.

 Russian security forces held two Ukrainian citizens from the temporarily occupied Crimea as prisoners for a month

On May 4, Russians detained Kateryna Kishchak and Diliaver Gafarov and held them under false pretences to force Kishchak's father to come to Russia - Russian lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov.

On May 25, propagandists announced that Russian security forces had detained two Ukrainian citizens. They claimed that the Ukrainians were planning to blow up the power lines of two nuclear power plants - Leningrad and Kalinin. This would have allegedly led to the shutdown of the nuclear reactors.

A third Ukrainian citizen, Yurii Kishchak, was also on the wanted list. 

However, they started fabricating the case even earlier. On May 4, they detained Yurii's daughter Kateryna and her friend Diliaver Gafarov, who lived in Qirim and travelled to Georgia by car through Russia. Both disappeared while crossing the border. 

Then, Kateryna started writing messages and calling her father. It turned out that Kateryna and Diliaver had been placed under administrative arrest. She asked Yurii to come to Russia. Otherwise, she would allegedly be convicted in a trumped-up case against her father.

Later, Russian security forces transported Kishchak and Gafarov to St Petersburg. Kateryna's sister Anna Petryshyna turned to local lawyer Vitaly Cherkаsov. 

The Russians twice fabricated charges of "disorderly conduct" against the two Ukrainian citizens, which allowed placing them under administrative arrest.

Eventually, in early June, Kishchak and Gafarov were released and left the Russian Federation. Yurii Kishchak did not come to Russia, but after his daughter's detention, he suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery.

"The 'court' of the illegal armed group 'LPR' sentenced prisoner of war Vadim Dodachkо to 20 years

Militants have sentenced prisoner of war Vadim Dodachkо, captured a year ago - a statement by Russian security forces. 

Vadim Dodachko served in mountain assault units. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, on June 10, 2022, he went missing near Vrubivka in the Luhansk region. The General Staff's reports indicate that the village was being fought for. Vrubivka is north of the Sievierodonetsk-Lysychansk agglomeration, which the Russians sought to surround. Under these circumstances, the soldier was taken prisoner.

While holding Dodachko captive, the Russians fabricated charges against him of "the cruel treatment of civilians". To do this, they forced Dodachko to defame himself.