Zelensky: Russia is considering different scenarios for the coming years

Zelensky: Russia is considering different scenarios for the coming years

During the Summit and the European Political Community in Spain, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Russia was considering various scenarios for itself in the coming years

One of them is particularly dangerous: if there is any pause in this aggression against Ukraine, a freeze in the situation, there will be a new critical moment - 2028.

"If Russia is allowed to adapt now, by 2028, the Kremlin will be able to restore its military potential. Then, Russia will have enough forces to attack the countries that are the focus of Russian expansion. Apart from Ukraine, these are definitely the Baltic states and those with a Russian contingent. This is clear information from our intelligence, and we are signalling this to you. Russia is looking for opportunities to freeze the situation, adapt and prepare to move on," Zelenskyy said.

Russia has a clear ambition to seize more imperial space and prevent Europe from being a space of free nations and prosperous democracies. War is Russia's basic tool in this regard.

"For decades, Russia has been trying to keep control over its neighbours by fomenting war and freezing war. Russia has hurt Moldova, tried to crush and divide Georgia, destabilise other parts of the Caucasus, strangle Belarus, and try to tear pieces out of the body of Ukraine," the President said.

"The aggressor can be most reliably neutralised by defeat in the war. Right now, there is an opportunity to inflict a fundamental defeat on Russia's aggression.

Each Russian drone shot down in Ukraine, each Russian tank destroyed in Ukraine is a guarantee that this drone, this tank, or any other Russian weapon destroyed in Ukraine will not strike someone else in Europe.

"Additional air defence systems for Ukraine, additional artillery and shells, additional long-range missiles and drones for our soldiers, as well as additional forms of support and security guarantees for nations threatened by Russia - all this is to protect Europe from additional aggressive steps by Russia," he emphasised.