Wagner PMC uses Twitter and Facebook to hunt recruits

Wagner PMC uses Twitter and Facebook to hunt recruits

Politico journalists have reviewed a study by the British research group Logically on how the Wagner PMC uses Twitter and Facebook to find recruits. 

They published the results of this study on their website.

Similar job ads for Wagner PMC have received almost 120,000 views on social media in recent months.

The researchers came to this conclusion after analysing 60 posts. Similar posts were published in several languages, including French, Vietnamese, and Spanish. 

They offer a salary of €2,800 with benefits and health care. The vacancies include medics, drone operators, and psychologists.

While there is no certainty whether these posts were published by PMC supporters or the militia itself, the study shows that the posts use the same language as the previously verified Wagner accounts on Telegram and VKontakte. 

A separate analysis confirmed that at least two of the phone numbers used in these posts are directly linked to either the Wagner PMC or Russian intelligence.

Politico journalists contacted Meta and Twitter about this. 

Twitter responded with an automated emoji, while Meta said it had recognised Wagner PMC as a dangerous organisation, so "it cannot have a presence on [the company's] platforms."