Ukraine still needs your help: A list of trusted funds

Ukraine still needs your help: A list of trusted funds

Since February 24, 2022, Ukrainians and foreigners have donated more than ₴33.96 billion to the three largest funds of the country — UNITED24, Come Back Alive, and the Prytula Fund.

The need for donations and financial support of the Ukrainian army remains relevant.

Every donation is important. No matter how many hryvnias you plan to donate. Funds exist to collect large sums of money through joint efforts.

We talk about Ukrainian fundraisers and projects through which you can support the Ukrainian army, healthcare, and reconstruction.

The Hospitallers volunteer medical battalion provides first aid and evacuates wounded soldiers from the frontline.

The Hospitallers have been working since 2014. During the eight years of the war, the paramedics of the battalion saved more than 3,000 wounded, and from the start of the full-scale invasion until the beginning of July, they saved over 2,200 more lives.

The Hospitallers is a volunteer organization of paramedics whose members do not receive financial support.

You can support the battalion financially or provide medicines from the list available on their website.

TV host and journalist Kseniia Drahaniuk created the "Zemliachki" project to primarily talk about Ukrainian women and their professions, but after the full-scale invasion, the project became a volunteer headquarters that helps Ukrainian servicewomen.

The main area of activity is the provision of humanitarian aid to military women. In addition, "Zemliachki" fulfills individual requests from women and helps with women's uniforms. Soon, the organization will open a new area for the purchase of ammunition.

So far, "Zemliachki" has launched its production of women's uniforms. In the summer, volunteers began developing the patterns. The project also offers psychological assistance to military women.

"20 and 50 hryvnias add up to millions. If everyone donates 5 hryvnias, we will collect another 100 additional sets of forms. The amount of help is not always as important as the support itself," says Kseniia Drahaniuk.

During the year, Svidomi wrote about servicemen of various brigades. Among them is the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade "Kholodnyi Yar" brigade, in particular the "Seneca" special forces company. It deals with technical solutions and innovations.

"Veterans, professional servicemen, technical specialists, and enthusiasts have united to speed up the victory," the company's website says.

You can support the "Seneca" special forces company as part of the 93rd Brigade "Kholodnyi Yar." The funds will be used to purchase the necessary equipment, repair vehicles, and other needs of the soldiers.

United24 is a foundation initiated by Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The peculiarity of the fund is that the donor chooses one of the three directions in which the funds are distributed: "Defense and demining," "Medical aid," or "Rebuild Ukraine."

Each direction has a separate account tied to the relevant ministry: defense, health care, and infrastructure. Funds from different accounts are never mixed and can be spent only for the purpose chosen by the donor.

Currently, the fund's ambassadors are American historian and writer Timothy Snyder, American film director and producer Barbra Streisand, and American pop band Imagine Dragons.

The fund was launched in May and has already raised 8.6 billion hryvnias during the year of full-scale war. Donations to United24 can be made using conventional banking methods as well as cryptocurrencies.

Come Back Alive is one of the largest foundations to help the Ukrainian military, established in 2014. During its nine years of operation, the fund has gained experience that allows it to quickly attract large amounts of defense aid.

At first, its activity was focused on protective gear, and gradually the focus shifted to more complex military equipment, such as thermal imagers, communication systems, or unmanned aerial vehicles.

Come Back Alive became the first charity organization in Ukraine that was granted the right to import weapons. The foundation has established relations with the General Staff, the Main Directorate of Intelligence, and the Turkish manufacturer of UAVs "Baykar."

The foundation has developed a mobile surveillance system, individual and group demining kits, an ARMOR graphic and calculation complex, an inclinometer, and a mock-up of artillery weapons. In addition, it has its own instructional programs and trains the military.

In 2020, Serhii Prytula created a charity fund for non-military assistance. However, in February 2022, he expanded his activities by opening a headquarters for military aid and a humanitarian aid headquarters for civilians.

The foundation has four logistics centers in Ukrainian cities and one center in Przemyśl, Poland. Currently, the military headquarters is focused on providing the Ukrainian army with means of communication, optical devices, drones, UAVs, transport, and tactical medical equipment and medicine for the military.

A separate direction is the NEST project, the main mission of which is to bring life back to de-occupied settlements by providing people with free mobile homes on their land.

Pavlo Bondarenko is the co-founder of the Radio Podil podcast community, but since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the project has been suspended. Naia Novak is a volunteer and communications consultant.

Volunteers organize fundraisers to purchase communication equipment for the Ukrainian military. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, volunteers have raised $520,000 for the needs of the military.

Bondarenko and Novak mostly provide volunteers with drones, equipment, and machinery, as well as pay for repair work.

You can donate to volunteers using the link.