Three people killed by Russian shelling in the Donetsk region, and 12 others injured

Three people killed by Russian shelling in the Donetsk region, and 12 others injured

Kyiv, Ukraine (Svidomi) — Russians attacked Ukraine with 39 Shahed 136/131 attack drones. Air defence destroyed 35 of them. The air defence forces were operating in the Khmelnytskyi ( west of Ukraine), Kyiv, Cherkasy (centre), Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk (east), Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odesa (south of Ukraine, near the Black Sea) regions.

The Russian military fired 16 times at settlements in the Donetsk region, located in the east of Ukraine and partially occupied since 2014. The Russians fired three ballistic missiles at the city of Myrnohrad: nine high-rise buildings were damaged, and 12 people were injured, including a 16-year-old teenager. In Dobropillia, Russian drones hit residential buildings - rescuers found two bodies under the rubble. Another person was killed in Chasiv Yar.

In the Odesa region, one of the drones hit an industrial facility, causing a fire that has since been extinguished. In the Mykolaiv region, drones damaged a power line and cut power to two settlements. Russians also shelled the region with artillery, damaging a private house in the town of Ochakiv.

In the Kherson region (south of Ukraine, partially occupied since 2022), shelling damaged four high-rise buildings and nine private houses. Three people were injured. In Kherson, Russians damaged an educational institution, a medical facility, and a gas pipeline.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region in the east of Ukraine, Russians fired a missile at an agricultural enterprise in Novomoskovsk, injuring a 58-year-old man. In Nikopol, which is located opposite the temporarily occupied city of Enerhodar, Russian troops damaged a sports facility.

Russian troops shelled Kharkiv region, which borders Russia, six times. A 73-year-old man was killed in the village of Volokhivka.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, which has been partially occupied since 2022, Russian troops conducted 476 strikes on 13 settlements in the region. The local administration received 19 reports of residential buildings and infrastructure destruction.

In the north of Ukraine, Russians fired 63 times at settlements in the Chernihiv and Sumy regions. One civilian was injured in the village of Baranivka.

In the Luhansk region (in the east of Ukraine, almost entirely occupied by Russia), Russian troops shelled Nevske with artillery and carried out air strikes on Bilohorivka and Serebriansky Forest.