They have been killed by Russia: civilian medics who died due to the war

Agency of media ABO
They have been killed by Russia: civilian medics who died due to the war

ABO Local Media Development Agency has launched the project "Memorial: Killed by Russia" since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. The memorial keeps the names of civilians and soldiers who died as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. "We have created this memorial so that you can learn about everyone who was killed by the Russian army," the media noted. Svidomi in cooperation with "Memorial: Killed by Russia" informs about civilian medics who died as a result of the war. 

Inna Dikhtiarenko, a family physician, Kyiv region

25-year-old Inna Dikhtiarenko died on March 28 as a result of shelling in the village of Bilohorodka in Kyiv region. The family physician was sorting medicines in the warehouse at that moment. 

The girl was dedicated to her work: she never refused to help patients, even after work hours she would provide consultations as the doctor on call. Inna hasn’t stopped working since February 24. 

"This girl had an unbreakable core. She loved people and believed in a wonderful future. Despite her young age, she was a wonderful family physician, saved hundreds of lives, and was always in touch," Inna's friend Kateryna Lyshchuk said.

On June 18, the President awarded the deceased family physician with the Medal "For Saved Life". Sadova-2 street in Tarasivka village was renamed to Inna Dikhtiarenko street.

Vita Bilotska, a nurse, Kyiv region

48-year-old Vita Bilotska was seriously injured during the shelling of the village of Bilohorodka. The woman was in a coma for over two months, but never regained consciousness and died on June 8.

“You managed to do so much, but lived so little... You are an example for your children, whom you brought up to be kind and compassionate. You are an example for your colleagues - decent, honest, ready to help. You are an example for fellow villagers, because you always said optimistically "we will make it",” Vita's relative Inna Semeroh wrote.

Pavlo Kovalchuk, pediatrician, Vinnytsia

Pediatric neurologist Pavlo Kovalchuk, 36, fought for his life for 20 days. The man had numerous injuries and burns, which he received as a result of a missile attack on Vinnytsia on July 14. He died on August 2. 

With the help of his wife, he published a post where he told his story.

"I was lucky to get out of the burning office (a separate book will probably be written about this),”  Kovalchuk wrote. 

Pavlo Kovalchuk worked as an emergency neurosurgeon and a pediatric neurologist in the hospital.

"I was not personally acquainted with him. But my younger son Denys had an appointment a week before the tragedy. The 8-year-old boy was delighted with the doctor's kindness and ability to communicate with children," wrote Vasyl, one of the patients' fathers.

Natalia Falshtynska, neurologist, Vinnytsia

On July 19, neurologist Natalia Falshtynska, a victim of a missile strike on Vinnytsia, died in a hospital. 

Natalia Falshtynska graduated from Pirogov Vinnytsia University. According to her patients, she was an attentive and professional doctor.

"She was my father's doctor - she saved him after a stroke, and improved his condition for several years. She was sympathetic and kind, compassionate and professional. It should not have happened like that…” the patient's daughter Svitlana said. 

After the attack, the woman was taken to the hospital in a  serious condition. 

"Yesterday she received an open head injury with a penetrating shrapnel wound and burns of the legs. In the intensive care unit, she was put into a medically induced coma. This was followed by a complex and lengthy multi-stage surgery. Natasha is still in a coma. Both legs were amputated mid-thigh," her niece Kateryna wrote. "Natasha died at night", she added on July 19. 

Valentyn Sahirov, urologist and andrologist, Mariupol

Doctor Valentyn Sahirov died on March 12 in Mariupol: during another shelling of the Kirov district, the man received life-threatening injuries.

Valentyn Sahirov was a well-known urologist and andrologist in Mariupol. In addition to practical activities, he participated in medical conferences, forums and seminars. He received his education at the Kharkiv Regional Medical Clinical Center of Urology, Nephrology and Andrology. His groupmate Oksana Luchensova recalls that in his student years he liked to take part in the games of the Club of Cheerful and Quick-Witted.

After the full-scale invasion of Russia, Sahirov provided free consultations over the phone. His friends say that he could never stay away and would always help. 

"My student. A good doctor and a good man," wrote Honored Doctor of Ukraine Maksym Haustov.