~Russia illegally detains 25,000 Kremlin prisoners

~Russia illegally detains 25,000 Kremlin prisoners

According to the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, this is the number of civilians abducted by the Russian Federation.

The ZMINA Human Rights Centre has found that at least 21 prisoners require urgent medical care and may die unless they receive it. 

During the full-scale invasion, the National Police began investigating the enforced disappearance of 8,800 people. Russian Children's Ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova claims Russia has illegally abducted over 700,000 children from Ukraine.

The Media Initiative for Human Rights has identified about one hundred places where abducted civilians are held.

The Mission of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Qırım) confirms 209 illegally imprisoned Ukrainian citizens, 126 of whom are Qırımtatarlar.

During the full-scale war, 3,135 Ukrainian citizens were returned to Ukraine, including 150 civilians.

Russians detain Crimean Tatar Qurultay delegate in temporarily occupied Bakhchisarai

In the temporarily occupied Bakhchisarai, Russian security forces have illegally detained Edem Dudakov, a delegate of the Crimean Tatar Qurultay. 

Refat Chubarov, the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, informed.

At 4 a.m. on March 13, the Russians searched the house of a Crimean Tatar, a member of the Audit Commission of the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people (a national congress and the highest representative plenipotentiary body of the Crimean Tatar people – ed.). 

It will be recalled that on March 5, the Russians searched the homes of Crimean Tatars in Bakhchisarai (Bağçasaray), Dzhankoy (Canköy) and the Dzhankoy district. Ten people were detained.

Moscow court will not consider Arsen Abkhaiirov's case on transfer to a colony closer to home

For ten months, a Moscow court has not considered the case of illegally convicted Arsen Abkhaiirov for his transfer to a colony closer to home. The businessman from Crimea (Qırım) is now in penal colony No. 8 in Ulan-Ude.

Crimean Solidarity reports citing the prisoner's lawyer.

The Crimean Tatar complained of toothache and lack of qualified medical care. The man does not trust the sanitary conditions of the colony. 

"The colony has one dental air drill for the constant flow of prisoners. One can get to the hospital with better conditions, but only in urgent conditions, so the political prisoner cannot get there now. To numb the pain, Abkhaiirov takes painkillers and tries not to attach much importance to it," — the prisoner's lawyer says.

During the conversation with the lawyer, the Crimean Tatar said that he hardly eats the food provided in the colony and avoids conflicts and conversations on political or religious topics, which he is constantly brought to by the colony staff.

He added that due to the delay in considering the transfer case, the colony's employees are 'wary' of Abkhaiirov.

It will be recalled that the group members were convicted in November 2020. Abkhaiirov was sentenced to 13 years for allegedly belonging to the Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation, which is banned in Russia. His time in the pre-trial detention centre was not included in his prison sentence.

Russians detain local man in temporarily occupied part of Kherson region for allegedly participating in Çelebicihan battalion

Russian security forces detained a man in the temporarily occupied Henichesk, Kherson region, for allegedly participating in the Noman Çelebicihan Battalion.

The Russian Investigative Committee's press service in the temporarily occupied part of the Kherson region reports.

According to Russian security forces, the 55-year-old man joined the Crimean Tatar battalion in December 2015. 

"The man recruited people from among the residents of Henichesk to participate [in the battalion]. His actions harmed the economic and political interests of Russian citizens, posing a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation," the statement reads.

The Ukrainian side did not comment on the events.

It will be recalled that in November 2023, the so-called 'court' in occupied Henichesk sentenced Eldar Kestan from the Kherson region to three and a half years for allegedly participating in the Crimean Tatar battalion named after Noman Çelebicihan.

Russian court upholds 'sentence' to Alushta (Aluşta) resident who posted a picture of a Russian soldier with the caption 'War criminal' 

The Russian court upheld the 'sentence' to Oleksandr Tarapon from the temporarily occupied Alushta. On the gate of his relative's house, the man posted a photo with the caption, "Here lives a war criminal who kills children, Orlenko Y.".

The case file is available on the court's website, according to the Russian edition of OVD-Info.

It will be recalled that Oleksandr Tarapon was sentenced to 2.5 years in a strict regime colony for allegedly 'discrediting the Russian Armed Forces' - this is the first case of prosecution under this article. 

Russian special services detain a man in temporarily occupied Crimea (Qırım) over 'calls for violence against Russians'

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, officers of the Russian FSS special service, together with occupation "border guards", detained a local man suspected of allegedly "calling for extremist activities".

The press service of the occupation FSS of Russia in Crimea reports.

"A 33-year-old resident of the peninsula repeatedly posted calls for violent acts against a group of people, identified based on nationality - Russians, in a public chat room, using an account in one of the Internet messengers," the Russians said in a statement.

The peninsula resident may face up to five years of illegal imprisonment.