President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a final press conference. Here are the main points

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a final press conference. Here are the main points

Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a press conference to summarise the results of 2023, where he spoke about his relationship with Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi, US assistance, mobilisation, and work on a peace formula.

On the conflict with Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi

I have a working relationship with Zaluzhnyi. I am waiting for a mobilisation plan and specific things on the battlefield. I will not develop the topic of the conflict and help anyone in this.

Zelenskyy expects the US to fulfil the agreements on assistance to Ukraine.

He has met with senators of both parties; they know the details, what it takes, how it will affect, and they know how the postponement of certain dates affects. The president also believes that a change in the policy of the future US president on aid to Ukraine will affect assistance in general. 

Next year, Ukraine will produce one million drones.

The Defence Forces will receive domestically produced drones. The logistics of supplying drones to the front will also be improved by simplifying bureaucratic processes in the army. The Defence Forces will create separate special drone control units.

"Ukraine has lost hundreds of billions of dollars due to the grain embargo and the blockade of the border by Poland. It is a matter of survival," the President commented.

He also said that Poland is also starting to lose revenue because Ukraine is looking for other ways to export through Romania and the Black Sea. 

The prisoner exchange process has slowed down due to reasons from the Russian Federation.

He also said that the negotiating team is currently working on exchanging a "good number" of prisoners of war. Qatar is helping to return the children. The most challenging situation with prisoners of war in Crimea is that international organisations have been unable to do anything.

The General Staff proposed to mobilise 400,000 or more people.

Mobilisation in this format would cost Ukraine an additional UAH 500 billion, so Zelenskyy requested a comprehensive action plan. He also asked for arguments to reduce the mobilisation age to 25, and only then he will sign the mobilisation law. The President also said that he would not sign the law on the mobilisation of women.

Ukraine continues to work on the peace formula.

Once the text and security proposals are approved, they will try to pass it on to Russian representatives. If Russia accepts this document, negotiations may be relevant. The president said there is currently no request for talks from Russia. The peace formula includes such points as

  • the withdrawal of Russian troops and the cessation of hostilities;
  • the release of prisoners and deportees;
  •  the prevention of escalation and the end of the war.

Zelenskyy said that the strategy of reaching the 1991 border is not changing.

Only the warfare tactics can change, especially after considering the results of the Defence Forces' actions in southern Ukraine. He also said that uncontrolled sky impacted the operation in south Ukraine. The defence forces need ammunition, and Ukraine is working on obtaining it.

The President proposed that businesses create a single fiscal authority.

The draft law will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration. He also said he was open to other business proposals.

Zelenskyy did not talk to Viktor Orbán about the ceasefire.

He also offered to meet him officially and is waiting for a response from the Hungarian prime minister.

A draft law on multiple citizenship is in development.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes this will help citizens of other countries feel like Ukrainians and help them open businesses in Ukraine. There are 60 million Ukrainians worldwide, which is an advantage for Ukraine.

Zelenskyy believes the trip to Argentina was a success.

The new president of Argentina will help turn Latin America towards Ukraine. Ukraine is interested in contacts with Ecuador, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Zelenskyy said he had "done everything" to ensure that MPs voted for all the necessary anti-corruption laws.

And he cannot dissolve the Verkhovna Rada because then he would have to hold elections, which are prohibited under martial law.

The President said that Ukraine recognises the independent nations of Israel and Palestine.

But we cannot compare this situation with our war. The occupation of Ukraine by Russia did not begin with a terrorist attack on Russia,

Zelenskyy commented.

"Logistics, infrastructure, economy — we were under a complete blockade. We have come out of it. We do not perceive this winter as a victory. It is very expensive. I know how we are fighting for missiles and defence systems. We had a different winter and a different situation. We have difficulties with our neighbours when we cannot repair weapons in the hubs. There is always a risk (of losing the war — ed.), but we need to bring the result closer," Volodymyr Zelenskyy explained the risks of losing the war.