Moldova's Constitutional Court declares Șor political party unconstitutional

Moldova's Constitutional Court declares Șor political party unconstitutional

The judges of the Constitutional Court of Moldova have ruled on the government's request to check whether the Șor party is constitutional. The party was declared unconstitutional.

Newsmakers reported this.

The decision was made under the fourth paragraph of Article 41 of the Constitution of Moldova, according to which "parties and other socio-political organisations, which by their objectives or activities, are engaged in fighting against political pluralism, the principles of the state governed by the rule of law, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova shall be declared unconstitutional."

Constitutional Court President Nicolae Roşca said that since the ruling, the Shor party is considered disbanded.

"None of the documents of this party adopted after the ruling are legally binding. The Ministry of Justice should form a commission to liquidate the Șor party and remove it from the state register of legal entities," the newspaper quoted the Constitutional Court President as saying.

Roşca also said that the party's deputies would keep their mandate but as independent MPs without the right to join other factions. The situation is similar with the party's representatives in local governments of all levels, including Gagauzia.

Șor is a pro-Russian party, which, until October 2016, was called the Socio-Political Movement "Equality." The party has organised protests against the current Moldovan president, Maia Sandu, and has inter-party contacts with Russia.

In April 2023, the leader of this party, Ilan Șor, was sentenced to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property. Șor fled abroad in 2019.

Photo: Andrei Mardari | NewsMaker