In Czechia, a waiter turned on the Russian anthem and a siren to mock a Ukrainian woman

In Czechia, a waiter turned on the Russian anthem and a siren to mock a Ukrainian woman

In the Czech Republic, near Prague, a waiter in a restaurant played the Russian national anthem and a siren to mock a Ukrainian woman.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Ukrainian Bureau reported this.

The incident took place in Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav on August 2.

As Ukrainian Olesia Koshilka told the project "How are you?", she and her friend decided to have lunch at the CottonClub Brandýs. Olesia asked for the Wi-Fi password, and the waiter replied that they had only Russian internet.

The woman did not pay attention to this at first, but five minutes later, the waiter turned on the Russian national anthem.

"I didn't understand what was happening, so I went inside and said: "Is this the Russian anthem?". And they answered: "Yes". I say that I am Ukrainian. They answer me: "So what?", start laughing, and turn on the siren sound,” she said.

Koshilka added that not all the restaurant staff supported the waiter's actions. Others spoke politely to the girls.

Olesia later posted the evidence of the harassment by the employee on her social media. She posted a fragment of a video of the Russian national anthem playing in the restaurant.

There is information that the administration of the establishment has already fired the employee.

"On behalf of the management of CottonClub Brandýs, we would like to inform you that we do not agree with the political views of our employees and dissociate ourselves from them. After yesterday's incident in our restaurant, the company's management decided to fire the conflict initiator, so he is no longer our employee. We also disagree with the violation of human rights and freedoms that is taking place against Ukraine," the restaurant's administration added.

Photo: Radek Kozák | Unsplash