Four Ukrainian women are among TIME's 100 New Leaders

Four Ukrainian women are among TIME's 100 New Leaders

Daria Kaleniuk, director of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre, was nominated by human rights activist and former executive director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth.

"Her passion for her country’s independence and freedom is a powerful complement to the troops confronting Russian forces in the fields and trenches. She reminds us why this is a battle worth waging," the human rights activist wrote.

Anastasiia Volkova, an agricultural innovator and CEO of Regrow Ag, was also included in the rating.

Her company creates software that slows down climate change.

"I’m proud that Galvanize Climate Solutions has invested in and supports a leader revolutionizing the way we approach food production," said Tom Steyer, one of the directors of Galvanize Climate Solutions.

The list also includes Yana Zinkevych, a politician and commander of the Hospitallers volunteer battalion, and Yulia Svyrydenko, Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

During 2023, the Hospitallers raised funds to create a training centre where Zinkevich's team will be able to train a new generation of volunteer paramedics.

"Minister Svyrydenko is emblematic of the Ukrainian people’s resilience. With young, smart, and determined leaders like her at the helm, Ukraine’s postwar future is looking brighter than ever," said Gina Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Commerce.