EU to continue helping Ukraine export grain

EU to continue helping Ukraine export grain

The European Union institutions will continue to help Ukraine export grain after Russia withdrew from the grain deal with Türkiye and the UN.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, made such a statement.

"I am deeply concerned about Russia's move to terminate the Black Sea Grain Initiative, despite the efforts of the United Nations and Türkiye. The risk is that it brings food insecurity to so many vulnerable countries across the globe. The European Union will, [by] all means, continue to work to ensure that food security for vulnerable people is given," said von der Leyen.

She added that the EU currently has an additional initiative, the Solidarity Lanes, which allows the export of grain crops from Ukraine.

More than 45 million tonnes of grain, oilseed, and other products have been exported via the Solidarity Lanes.