Death toll in Odesa, southern Ukraine, rises to seven

Death toll in Odesa, southern Ukraine, rises to seven

Odesa, Ukraine (Svidomi) — The search operation in Odesa after a Russian drone strike on a five-storey building continues. At least seven people are known to have been killed, reports Oleh Kiper, head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration.

"Now the State Emergency Service, police and other services continue to work - there is information about people under the rubble," President Zelenskyy said

On March 3, the authorities declared mourning in Odesa and the region

Two children were among the dead. Rescuers removed the bodies of the deceased and her three-month-old child from the rubble.

"The father had expected a miracle since the morning. But he lost both his wife and child. He has only a young daughter left," commented former Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner Mykola Kuleba.

The search and rescue operation will continue.

"The search and rescue operation has not stopped for a minute and will continue until we are sure that no one else is under the rubble," said Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko.

It will be recalled that on the night of March 2, Russians launched "shaheds" and rockets at Odesa and other regions in Ukraine. There are dead and wounded.