Conclusions: Music. Tember Blanche

Conclusions: Music. Tember Blanche

For the third year in a row, at the end of December, Svidomi conducts summary broadcasts on our Ukrainian Instagram page, where it talks about what has changed in Ukraine over the year in various areas: the military, culture, medicine, education, the judiciary and political spheres.

We discussed music with the Ukrainian indie-pop and indie-folk band, Tember Blanche.

Concerts during wartime

When other artists are asked about how to create and perform during wartime, we, on the contrary, do not know what it's like to make music under normal circumstances. Since the beginning of our work, there have always been problems — COVID-19 and war. Now we do a lot of charity concerts (about 50 in 2022) — they also allow us to expand our audience.

Tour of Ukraine and Europe with Vivienne Mort

There is a difference between the audiences in Ukraine and abroad. People perceive music in different ways: in Europe, they are more sentimental, they are easier to impress, and they miss home. The word "home" makes them cry. People do not come for the music but to be among their own, among Ukrainians. Because in some cities, only at concerts or other mass events can they gather as a Ukrainian community.

Music as therapy

Music is therapy. And it can treat both yourself and others. It supports at good times but also helps to survive difficult ones, especially after February 24. And many people share that music is one of the most important things for them that help them live through the war.

Quantity vs quality of music in Ukraine

Now there are a lot of pop Ukrainian tracks. Of course, the sooner we distance ourselves from Russia, the better. Therefore, from this point of view, songs about Bayraktars are a good thing. But because of this, the so-called "Bayraktar-pop" arises. This is pop music that has always been made for mass listening, to be in the charts.

However, even among pop music, there are many new artists, and those artists who were there before are getting new opportunities. For example, our listening stats have quadrupled.

Ukrainian performers who have changed their position

Nadia Dorofeeva now releases songs only in Ukrainian but continues to perform Russian-language tracks at the same time. When this was pointed out to her, she apologized. It seems sincere, but we can't know for sure. Time will put everything in its place.

However, there is, for example, Svitlana Loboda, with whom there is nothing to talk about.

In general, the trend is positive, and all top artists understand that writing music in Russian is suicide.

Participation in Vidbir for Eurovision 2023

It was an interesting experience that we would not like to repeat. It might be interesting to make a song for someone, but we've been through enough on our own. We did not get our hopes up because we understood that there were more suitable people who worked much harder for it.

Self-management in music

Previously, to be successful, you had to have a producer. Everything depended on the distribution, discs, etc. Now you can do everything yourself. The full production cycle of the single is closed independently. And that's why musicians can make a living by making money from music. Because the age of the Internet helps. In particular, artists often become popular thanks to Tik Tok. Of course, it's not a panacea but a good tool.

2022 Musical discoveries for Tember Blanche

  • SadSvit
  • thekomakoma — naivnyi albom
  • Krutь — Liteplo
  • Tery

Top world artists

  • Harry Styles — Harry's House
  • Pomme
  • Lola Marsh
  • Tom Rosenthal

Expectations for 2023

There will be a tour and a second album. During the tour, we will perform with an expanded line-up on stage.

From the music in general, you should expect less sharovarshchyna (a stereotypical representation of Ukrainian culture — ed.), instead, there will be new quality music and new artists.