More than million soldiers are currently defending Ukraine, - Reznikov

As of today, up to 700,000 military personnel of the Armed Forces, up to 90,000 from the National Guard, about 60,000 from the Border Guards and 100,000 from the National Police are involved in the mobilisation. That is, today more than a million people ensure the activities of the defence and security sectors.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are already working on preparations for the autumn-winter period: as of July 8, 292 contracts with 84 domestic manufacturers-suppliers for the total amount of 17.9 billion hryvnias have been signed just for material support.

The Ministry of Defense is working on the delivery of modern NATO-type weapons to Ukraine - it is artillery, armoured vehicles, means of destruction, and all of them will need repair, restoration.

In order to form security guarantees, Ukraine should proceed according to the principle of creating new defence alliances.

Reznikov outlines three basic scenarios for the end of the war in Ukraine: "another series of goodwill gestures by the Russians", a gradual "war of resources" and strikes on the most painful points of the Russian army with the help of modern weapons or "parade of sovereignties" in Russia and the collapse of the country.