The Ukrainian aviation struck the concentration point of the personnel of the Russian Armed Forces in the Snihurivka area

Ukrainian units in the south also destroyed:

 ▪️194 Russian soldiers;

 ▪️2 Grad rocket salvo fire systems;

 ▪️2 command and staff cars;

 ▪️4 anti-aircraft gun and missile complexes "Pantsir-S1";

 ▪️1 launch and charging installation of the Buk-M2 anti-aircraft missile system;

 ▪️6 self-propelled howitzers of the "Acacia" type;

 ▪️26 units of automotive equipment;

 ▪️Orlan-10 UAV-reconnaissance aircraft;

 ▪️3 warehouses with ammunition.

Weather conditions forced the Russians to reduce the number of ships at sea. It includes 2 surface and 1 underwater missile carrier and 3 large amphibious ships. The total equipment of Russian ships is now 20 cruise missiles.